Hi, my name is Patricia Rodriguez. I have spent half of my career working for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, and the other half as an entrepreneur. What I’ve learned -- every business owner has more important things to do than fight with their website or other business software. They need tools that will support their business, engage their customers, and be as painless to use as possible.

In my career, I learned to build business websites and custom applications that improve customer experience and business automation. I can build a site or application from scratch, customize an existing one, transfer your old content to a new site, or simply help you customize a WordPress theme you already love.

Web Development

Do you have an idea for an awesome mobile app? Do you need a website to handle enterprise level transactions? I will design and architect your website from the ground up. I am happy to build your site using your preferred technology and platform. I can build your site using WordPress, Java, AngularJS, HTML, CSS, etc. 

Branding & Customer Experience

If you are starting from scratch, I can work with you to help peg your ideal customer and market your brand new site straight to them. We’ll create mood boards, find fonts you love, and build a site design that is unique to your brand.

Optimize Your Site

Google has become the authority of what a good website should do. I will help you optimize your site structure to get the best Google score possible in mobile friendliness, mobile load time and desktop load time. 

Interested in working with me?

Feel free to send me a quick message and get my service packages brochure.